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Zilla Helps Power Girl Scout Camp


Camp Tanasi RoofCamp Tanasi Rac PacGirl power pulses through Southern Appalachian Girl Scouts Council Camp Tanasi on Norris Lake in East Tennessee. And with the help of Zilla products, solar power also helps power the camp. Understanding the importance and power of nature and natural energy, the Girl Scouts appreciate and cherish their time in the wilds of camp. With the help from non-profit Black Bear Solar Institute, they are now able to harness the power of the sun to power their new Polaris all-electric ATV.

Bob Harris of the Black Bear Solar Institute was familiar with Zilla as being “the best on the market for handling long spans”. For this installation on a 45-degree, metal roof, he decided that his best and safest bet was with Zilla. Zilla products include 2 Rac Pacs and 8 MiniAdjustable Standoffs to accommodate a 4 module installation. It would be a daunting task for Bob and his team, but Zilla helped to make the installation as efficient as possible.

“On this building, all that’s holding up that 45-degree roof over the camp dining hall are big glulam beams spaced 10 feet on center. We lagged into those beams and put another of your adjustable standoffs at the mid-span lagged into the 2x6 decking. I spent the afternoon climbing around on the rails doing the wiring and they are absolutely solid. Plus, we only had six penetrations into the metal roof. Couldn’t have wished for anything better!” says Harris.

“Everything from Zilla worked perfectly, and was easy to get assembled and attached to the roof by myself. I don't know of any racking product other than Zilla that could have handled this one,” adds Harris.

Starting small, Camp Tanasi is over the moon (or sun!) with their brand new solar panels. Their plan is to fill the roof [with panels] for their electrical needs once they receive more sponsors. To learn more about Camp Tanasi and the Girl Scouts of South Appalachian, click here.

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