Back Clip Installation

Thermal Flashing Installation

Zip Flashing Installation

Helical Installation
(installs in less than 1 min.)

RED3® Tilted Ballast System Installation

Flat Roof Ballasted Installation

Cobra® Installation

Double Stud Flashing Installation

Designing the System

Zilla Corporation offers expert engineering services to ensure correct design configurations and optimal installation procedures. Fill out our Zilla® Submittal Form to submit your project.


The procedure to determine Design Wind Load is specified by the American Society of Civil Engineers and referenced in the International Building Code 2006. This manual is a general guideline for the installation of Zilla® Rac.


Installer's Responsibilities

Please read all instructions carefully before installing Zilla® and NEX® products. The design and installation of the Zilla® and NEX® product lines should comply with all building codes and regulations. Improper installation of Zilla® products, beyond that which they were designed, may result in the product warranty being nullified. The packing slip is included with your system, please take time to familiarize yourself with this list and its components. Should any parts be missing or damaged, contact your local Zilla® vendor for replacement as soon as possible. It is the installer’s responsibility to comply with the following:

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