Solar Mounting Rails

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Zilla® Rails use a unique profile designed for strength and intuitive use. Zilla® Rails also incorporate omni-lateral strength with unmatched versatility to provide the ultimate racking solution for any application of any size or scale. When used in conjunction with Zilla® attachment and connection products, Zilla® Rails produce the strongest, most cost effective solutions in the market.

All Zilla® Rails are Patented and Patent Pending*.
  • Internal grounding
  • Omni-lateral strength
  • Integrated wire management
  • Interlocking and telescoping capability
  • Patented and patents pending*

Rac Pac®

Rac Pac<sup>&reg;</sup>
  • Mounts two (2) PV modules
  • Pitched or flat roof and ground applications
  • Patent Pending

Rac 2.0

Rac 2.0
  • For average weight loads
  • Wide range of applications
  • Light-weight with incredible strength
  • Patent US D617,174;  Patent Canadian 133,976*

Quad Combo

Quad Combo
  • Strong, light-weight and versatile
  • Ideal for flush mount installations
  • Patent US D732,703*

Dual Grip

Dual Grip
  • Ideal for lighter weight loads
  • Well suited for flush mount installations
  • Patent US D639,143; Canadian 137,479*


  • Versatile for infinite applications
  • Ideal for light weight loads
  • Patent US D636,656; Canadian 138,077; European 001153548-0002*

NEX® 2.0

NEX<sup>&reg;</sup> 2.0
  • Allows for individualized knock-out options or solid rail applications
  • Full or partial knock-out rail options

Zilla product innovations embody intellectual property which includes one or more of the following patents: US Pat. 8,448,405; 8,479,455; 8,661,765; 8,689,517; 8,707,654; 8,707,655; 8,752,338; 8,833,032; 8,833,033; 8,869,490; 9,068,339; 9,106,023; 9,473,064; D415,847; D617,174; D636,656; D639,143; and/or D639,144.

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