Solar Mounting Flashings 

Zilla® flashings ensure secure rooftop attachment, watertight protection and durable strength.

*One or more patents apply to this product including without limitation: US Pat. 8,479,455; 8,448,405; 8,707,654; 8,689,517; 8,707,655; and/or 8,752,338.

Double Stud XL Flashing

  • Stronger, easier, watertight protection
  • Multiple point installation
  • US Pat. 8,448,405*

Electrical XL Flashing

Leak free roof penetration, sturdy installation with no exposed rubber.
  • Run electrical through the roof without leaks!
  • Mounts flush to the roof or wall
  • Mount Junction boxes and Combiner boxes directly
  • US Pat. 8,479,455*

Double Stud Flashing

Double Stud Flashing Assembly

The Zilla® Flashing Assembly is engineered to eliminate water infiltration and protect all degradable components while providing complete system versatility - compatible with any available standoff and or connection component options.

Zilla® Flashing is superior to all comparable products on the market. The Zilla® Flashing Assembly can be used with any available standoff and mounting components. The longevity of this product is outstanding, outlasting the roof and the solar system simply due to innovative engineering that protects all of the degradable components. This flashing has a lab-tested withdrawal strength of 5,240 lbs.
  • Strong, secure, watertight protection
  • 2 or 4 point installation
  • US Pat. 8,448,405*

PVC Electrical Flashing

Fully flashed, waterproof method of mounting standard electrical components, quickly, easily, and inexpensively.
  • Adapter made of PVC
  • Use with shingles or siding, roof or wall
  • 3/4" NPT threads compatible with most standard components
  • US Pat. 8,479,455*

Zip Flashing

The Zilla® Zip Flashing Assembly is a Single-Bolt Flashing Assembly featuring a waterproof seal, minimal parts for a quick, simple and safe install. Strong and durable, designed to outlast the components you place upon it, carries a 25 year limited paint warranty.
  • Closest flush mount possible in the market
  • Installs in less than a minute
  • Superior protection and warranty
  • US Pat. 8,448,405*

Thermal Flashing

Leak free roof penetration, sturdy installation with no exposed rubber or caulk. Quickly plumb a variety of pipe connections through the roof.
  • Run thermal lines through the roof without leaks!
  • Packaged with 3/4" or 1" copper caps
  • Allows for thermal expansion
  • US Pat. 8,479,455
    US Pat. 8,479,455*

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