Solar Mounting Systems

Complete solar mounting solutions designed to streamline your installation and save you time, money and hassle.

Pitched Roof Systems

Pitched Roof Systems

Zilla pitched roof solar mounting systems include rail-free options and a unique rail system that allow for faster, safer, stronger installations even in the most extreme conditions.




Zilla® offers the latest in pitched roof solar mounting systems. Choose the industries first rail-less system that attaches directly to sheathing or a traditional rail system that can be configured for composite shingle, metal and tile roof applications.

Caisson Ground Mount

Caisson Ground Mount

Zilla Caisson Ground Mount Racking Systems include NEX post embedments, leveling adapters, pre-fabricated trusses, cross rails and module attachments featuring the industry’s first patented top clip with integrated grounding — no other racking and mounting components are needed.




Ground Mount Systems

Ground Mount Solar Racking Systems

Zilla fixed-tilt solar PV ground mounting systems include all racking and mounting components you need to make ordering, staging and installation simple, fast and easy.




Zilla® ground mount solar racking systems are complete packages ready for modules. Each system is designed for maximum speed of installation and can easily be configured for residential, commercial and utility scales projects.

Zilla product innovations embody intellectual property which includes one or more of the following patents: US Pat. 8,448,405; 8,479,455; 8,661,765; 8,689,517; 8,707,654; 8,707,655; 8,752,338; 8,833,032; 8,833,033; 8,869,490; 9,068,339; 9,106,023; 9,473,064; D415,847; D617,174; D636,656; D639,143; and/or D639,144.

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