The Zilla® Top Clip provides secure module attachment and grounding. The Top Clip is ETL listed to UL 467 and offers 650A of module-to-module and module-to-rail grounding in the Zilla® system and module-to-module grounding in virtually any other system.
  • TopClip-Black_iso
  • TopClip-Black_iso-bottom
  • TopClip-Black_end
  • Phantom_TopClip-Rail
  • Phantom_TopClip-Rail-Cut
  • Phantom_TopClip-Rail-Xray
  • Phantom_TopClip_CrossSection-Cut
  • TopClip-Row-RowGround
The Zilla® Top Clip is a grounded module attachment solution for use in-between modules on all Zilla® Systems (with the exception of Cobra®). The center bolt allows for snug and secure attachment while four small grounding screws transfer grounding between PV modules. The sleek design and superior functionality of the Zilla® Top Clip make it an ideal choice for securing modules using 5/16"-18 mounting hardware.
* Allows modules from 26mm to 52mm. Hardware is available to fit thicker modules.
ETL listed to UL 467
Size: 2" L x 1.77" W x .75" H
Weight: 1.4 oz each
Hardware: 5/16"-18 thread, 9/16" hex head
Color: Mill Finish or Black Anodized
6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Nut and Ground Screws
Patent pending
* Allows modules from 26mm to 52mm. Hardware is available to fit thicker modules.

Patent Pending, ETL listed to UL 467

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