Utility Scale Ground Mount System

Low material costs, shorter lead times and simple assembly for faster, safer, stronger MW+ utility scale installations.
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The new Ground Mount XL is designed to be durable, low-maintenance, and rapidly deployed in the field. The Ground Mount XL is UL 2703 approved with fully integrated grounding and a minimal number of components, making it one of the simplest structures on the market to build. Composed of a light gauge structural steel, and fully engineered in the USA, it delivers both low material costs and shorter lead times. And the Ground Mount XL can be delivered anywhere in the US within just a few weeks for faster and more economical MW+ utility scale installations. From beginning to end, Zilla® provides service and support throughout the design, engineering, procurement, delivery and field installation processes to ensure a better bottom line for your projects.



• UL 2703 Approved

• Fully Integrated Grounding

• Low Material Cost

• Short Lead Times

• Rapid Assembly

• Maximum Durability

• Full Service Support

• Made in the U.S.A.

Structural and Mechanical Specifications
Structural Type
Fixed Tilt
Inclination Range
5 - 30 Degrees
Modules Supported
Framed and Thin Film Configurable
Module Configuration
Two Rows in Portrait
ASTM Certified Steel
On-Site Training and Support

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