Pitched roof solar mounting systems

A low profile rail-less pitched roof solar mounting system that attaches directly to sheathing and provides 2-1/4" or 2-7/8" between the roof deck to the bottom of the module frame. Certified to UL 2703: 2015.
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The Zilla® Phantom® XL Lo-Pro is a low profile version of the popular Zilla® Phantom® XL rail-less pitched roof solar mounting system, our completely watertight rooftop installation that attaches anywhere on a composite roof, in almost any configuration and Certified to UL 2703: 2015. The Phantom®  Lo-Pro utilizes the Zilla®  Double Stud with Encapsulated Gland Washer to provide 2-1/4 or 2-7/8 inches between the roof deck and the bottom of the module frame. This unique rail-less mounting system provides installation professionals with the flexibility to attach directly to sheathing or structure and features the Zilla®  Top Clip with integrated grounding for more efficient installations that require fewer materials.
The Phantom®  XL Lo-Pro is a complete roof mount flashing and solar mounting system in one convenient package for easy shipping and transport along with maximum flexibility –leading to a better bottom line for installers. Zilla® Phantom® XL Lo-Pro: So Simple It’s Scary.

US Pat. 8,448,405*
Certified to UL 2703: 2015

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