Ground mount solar racking system

Zilla Helical Pier Ground Mount systems include helical pier anchors, leveling adapters, pre-fabricated trusses, cross rails and universal module attachments featuring the industry’s first top clip with integrated grounding — no other racking and mounting components are needed.
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Complete Packages Ready for Modules
Zilla fixed-tilt solar PV ground mounting systems are designed to make ordering, staging and installation simple, fast and easy.

Our pre-fabricated truss system requires minimal field assembly while cross rails with module attachments and integrated grounding allow for rapid installation of modules. Together, Zilla® helical piers, prefabricated trusses, and cross rail system with integrated grounding provide a simple 3-step ground mount installation that is faster, safer and stronger — at less cost.

View the Zilla® Ground Mount Guide Book.


• Standard design includes two rows of modules in portrait orientation at 30 degrees

• Compatible with 60 or 72 cell modules

• Field adjustable to accommodate 26-52 mm module frames

• Complete packages include helical pier anchors with adaptors, prefabricated trusses, cross rails, and module attachments with integrated grounding


• Inverter mounting hardware available upon request

• Wire management hardware available upon request

• Custom designs available upon request

Helical Pier Anchor*:

Part No.: ZH20

Size: 0812 - 8" diameter.

Dimensions: 72” Overall length, 2" Dia. shaft, 8” Dia blade;

Material: GS - Galvanized Steel

Weight: 14.1 lbs

Finish: MF - Mill

*Requires Helical Pier Drive Shank to install.

Helical Pier Adapter:

Part No.: ZH20-ADP

Material: GS - Galvanized Steel

Size: 10"L x 2.75"W x 6"H

Weight: 2 lbs each

Finish: MF - Mill

Pre-Fabricated Truss:

Part No.: Pre-fabricated 30 Truss

Standard angle: 30 degrees

Material: NEX 2” Dia. 14 ga Galvanized Steel

Weight: 65 lbs

Finish: MF - Mill

Cross Rails:

Part No.: ZR20-21 MF

Material: 6061 T6 or 6005 T5 Aluminum

Size: 2” W x 2” H x Length per design

Weight: 1.1 lbs/ft

Finish: MF - Mill

Helical Pier Installation

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